Celebrating Diversity
in the Growing Family of God

Bringing Jesus to various cultural backgrounds in Toronto


We are a warm and welcoming family of God where people from different nations grow together in Christ.


Helping people grow through:
A. Learning and living the Word of God
B. Building a relationship with God and one another
C. Reaching out to our neighbours with the love of Jesus


We believe in God as eternal Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God created and sustains the universe. The eternal purpose of God the Father is to create a people who will bring glory to God forever. God alone is worthy of worship.

We believe that God became human in Jesus Christ. Jesus came to restore the world because humans have rejected God in disobedience. Jesus taught and modeled the way of God’s kingdom. He died on the cross, making it possible for us to accept a renewed relationship with God. He rose from the dead, broke the power of sin and death, and frees us to live in obedience to God’s will.

We believe that God the Holy Spirit invites all people to be reconciled with God and to join the global family of faith. Believers confess their faith, are baptized, and join in the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and guided by the Bible, members of the church seek to live as followers of Christ and invite others to experience this new life.

As Christians, we are called to turn:
 • from ignorance of God to a personal relationship with God
 • from bondage of sin and past mistakes to freedom, forgiveness, and healing
 • from individualism to interdependence with others in the local church
 • from lifestyle choices that harm us, others, and the earth to choices that nurture wholeness, healing, joy, and peace
 • from hating enemies and ignoring neighbours to showing love and justice to all
 • from loving possessions to sharing with all in need
 • from aimless existence to a mission of representing and proclaiming God’s kingdom on earth

As Christians, we look forward to the day when God will once again send Jesus to bring all things under God’s eternal rule.

Click here for a PDF of our detailed Confession of Faith in English and Chinese.


The Jesus Network is a cross cultural ministry that reaches out to several different communities in the Greater Toronto Area. It is an incarnational ministry which lives and operates in the most religiously diverse, densely populated areas in all of North America. To be more effective in reaching our neighbours with the Gospel of Jesus, New Living Church has partnered with The Jesus Network since April 2012.

jesus network


New Living Church is a Mennonite Brethren church. The Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches is a community of 250+ diverse Mennonite Brethren (MB) congregations spread across Canada, united by Jesus Christ through their evangelical Anabaptist beliefs and values and by their mission to grow healthy while helping them reach their worlds.

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Jacob and Sri were married in 1991. They have been blessed with three children – Yerusha, Hulda, and Mishael. As new immigrants themselves, coming from Indonesia to Toronto in 2005, Jacob and Sri understand the challenges of being a newcomer to Canada. This helped develop their passion to reach out to the new immigrants in Toronto. To better prepare himself for the ministry, Jacob went to the Toronto Baptist Seminary in 2006 and graduated with a Master of Divinity. From 2007 to 2009, Jacob and Sri were involved in the ESL (English as a Second Language) ministry of Jarvis Street Baptist Church. This gave them the opportunity to experience, first hand, the challenges and difficulties of newcomers to Canada from various different countries. In Spring and Summer 2009, Jacob served as a Student Pastor at Grace Church Don Mills. In August 2009, Jacob served as the Pastor of House For All Nations Toronto reaching out to the Indonesian newcomers in Toronto. House for All Nations Toronto changed its name to New Living Church and began English services in 2016


Begun in 2009 as a Toronto campus of the Vancouver-based multisite congregation HFAN, it was originally an Indonesian-speaking church, reaching out to Indonesians. In 2012, the church became independent from the Vancouver body and began an affiliation with The Jesus Network in Toronto. Through prayer, the church discerned a vision to broaden their outreach beyond Indonesian speakers. House for All Nations Toronto changed its name to New Living Church and began English services in 2016.


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